Diverse Populations

Embracing the multifaceted mosaic of citizens that constitutes the State of Israel, the Clore Israel Foundation extends its support to various sectors of this variegated community.

The Foundation has always placed a high priority on helping diverse populations, particularly those from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and from Ethiopia, as well as Bedouins and Druze.

The Foundation strongly believes in the promotion of equal opportunities for all. From Israel’s major cities to peripheral areas across the country, the Foundation has provided support to diverse sectors of the population such as women, people from low socioeconomic backgrounds and those with special needs.

Some of the projects that the Foundation has supported in this area include:

  • Almaya – The Association for the Advancement of the Family and Child in the Ethiopian Community in Israel
  • Ashkelon Academic College – Supporting English studies for Ethiopian students
  • British Olim Society, Netanya – Job retraining for new immigrants
  • The Committee for Ethiopian Jews, in-Safed
  • Elifelet, Citizens for Refugee Children
  • Emunah Israel – Courses for Russian immigrants with a pedagogical background to be employed in Israeli daycare centres
  • ESRA Immigrant Fund
  • Galila, Northern Galilee Development Foundation
  • Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna – From Risk to Opportunity – Music programme for children of Ethiopian descent
  • The Jerusalem (Rubin) Academy of Music and Dance – Scholarships for gifted immigrant music students
  • Keren Kagan, Jerusalem – Learning and Social Support Centre for immigrant and disadvantaged children
  • KEF Fund for Encouragement of Private Initiatives – Assisted new immigrants to set up small businesses with loans
  • Kenna Mayer Centre, Pardes Hanna
  • Milbat – translation of site to Arabic
  • ORT Israel – Pedagogic and professional training of immigrants
  • Shenkar College of Engineering and Design -Training course for new immigrants
  • Technion – Israel Institute for Technology – Two courses for retraining immigrant engineers to be teachers of science and technology