Arab Community

The Clore Israel Foundation is committed to promoting coexistence between Jews and Arabs and to supporting equal opportunities for Israel’s Arab population.

To that end, the Foundation has assisted in several initiatives pertaining to community, education, employment and women’s issues. This assistance has been provided in Arab towns and villages that range from the Upper Galilee to the Negev. Community centres bearing the Clore name serve to enhance the social and communal life of the Arab population.

Some of the projects that the Foundation has supported in this area include:

  • Tuba Zangaria – Sports Hall
  • Friendship’s Way – After-school activities for high-risk Jewish and Arab children in Jaffa
  • Givat Haviva – Children Teaching Project
  • INSANN, Society for Cultural and Educational Services – Mobile library for outlying Arab villages
  • Rahat Association for the Advancement of Education – Purchase of computers for the Rahat High School
  • Sikkuy, The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality – Facilitating urban planning in Taibe
  • Tzaad Kadima (Step Forward), Rahat
  • Young Leadership Forum, Kinneret – Arab-Jewish Summer Camp