MAHUT – Early Childhood Enrichment Centre in Kiryat Ata

Mahut  DSC_0020
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In May 2013, the Foundation dedicated the MAHUT – Early Childhood Enrichment Centre in Kiryat Ata, in the presence of the Chairman and Trustees of the Clore Israel Foundation. Founded in 1989, MAHUT spearheads the early childhood thrust for Kiryat Ata.  The centre offers a wide variety of programmes for parents and young children, with a particular focus on promoting good parenting. Some of the programmes take the form of nursery education (with parent participation), others offer workshops or home instruction. Another major concern of MAHUT is the early identification and treatment of children with special needs, following diagnosis of developmental delay. MAHUT has received a number of awards over the years, including the President’s Education Award in 1994, a certificate of merit by the Prime Minister’s Office in 1996, and an award from the President to the staff in 2009.The National Insurance Institute and the Kiryat Ata Municipality partnered the Clore Israel Foundation in this project, which allowed for a complete renovation of a large dilapidated building, turning it into a beautiful, accessible and welcoming facility.



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