Early-Childhood Wing, Jiser el Zarka Community Centre

In November 2006, the Early-Childhood Wing in the Jiser el Zarka Community Centre was dedicated.  The wing, comprising two floors, was added to Community Centre with the aim of concentrating all early-childhood services under one roof.  The Helen Bader Foundation and the Ministry of Housing partnered the Clore Israel Foundation in this project.

One floor of the wing houses the Early-Childhood Development Centre, which provides diagnostic and treatment services to children with a variety of developmental problems.  The other floor houses a multi-purpose daycare centre, opened in October 2007, in which some 50 children – aged four months through three years – are registered.  The daycare provides a variety of enrichment activities for the children, and enables parents to work.  The majority of the daycare’s staff are local women, who take part in “on the job” training programmes.


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