Clore Learning Centre, Yeruham

In May 2007, the Foundation dedicated the new Clore Learning Centre in Yeruham, in the presence of Mr. Amram Mitzna, Appointed Head of the Council of Yeruham, and the Chairman and Trustees of the Clore Israel Foundation.

Yeruham previously had no facility for diagnosing and helping such children.  The Clore Learning Centre was established in order to answer the needs of children with learning disabilities. The renovation was also supported by the National Insurance Institute. 

The Clore Learning Centre is housed in a renovated building with classrooms and a playground.  It provides diagnostic and remedial services for 170 children, ages 3 ½ through 14. The Clore Learning Centre has also initiated a screening project in all the kindergartens in Yeruham, aimed at early identification of learning disabilities and developmental problems. The Centre is open four days a week from the morning through the evening, offering children individually tailored remedial programmes in a variety of subjects.  Additionally, some of the children are assisted by the Centre’s staff within their own schools. The renovation was carried out through the New Yeruham Fund.


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