The City of Jerusalem has always been a major focus for the Foundation. Working mainly, but not exclusively, with the Jerusalem Foundation, the Clore Foundation’s contributions have enriched both the heritage and the educational and recreational facilities of all sectors of the population. Undoubtedly, the Foundation’s flagship project in the city is the Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem – Migdal David. The Foundation not only funded the entire restoration of the Museum, but has continued to support exhibitions, maintenance and educational projects over the years since it opened to the public, in 1989. The Teddy Stadium is perhaps the most widely appreciated of the Clore Foundation’s contributions to the city, named in honour of Teddy Kollek and dedicated by the Foundation in celebration of his 80th birthday in 1991. Other contributions to the city of Jerusalem include:

  • Shelter for Battered Women, Baka – total renovation.
  • Abdullah Ibn El Hussein High School, East Jerusalem – new technical wing.
  • Dekalim School for Autistic Children, French Hill – total renovation.
  • Clore Soldiers House – built in 1967, pool renovated in the mid-1990-s.
  • Computers in elementary schools throughout the city.
  • Hurva Square, Old City – restoration.
  • Charles Clore Hill Gardens, Rehavia.
  • Beit Safafa – construction of community centre.
  • Sir Charles Clore Library, Ramot – construction of the library.
  • Donation in honour of Teddy Kollek‚Äôs 85th birthday for distribution to charities at his discretion.
  • Keren Klita – support for olim in the city.
  • Akim Jerusalem – support for the mentally handicapped in the city.
  • Ilan Jerusalem – support for the physically handicapped in the city.

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