Immigrant Absorption

The Clore Foundation has always placed a high priority on helping new immigrants, particularly those from the CIS and from Ethiopia, to accommodate to life in a new setting. The Foundation has assisted hundreds of new immigrants (as well as young Israelis) to set up small businesses with loans granted on favourable terms. Other projects supported by the Clore Foundation in the field of immigrant absorption over the past decade include:

  • Job retraining and professional upgrading.
  • Upgrading the skills of immigrant teachers of English.
  • Help in looking for a job and preparing for the world of work.
  • Material assistance with practical, day-to-day needs.
  • Helping elderly immigrants fit into community life.
  • Supplementary lessons and after-school programmes to help immigrant children cope with the demands of school.
  • Kibbutz-based programme for absorbing teenage immigrants.
  • Summer camps.
  • Equipping kindergarten playgrounds on absorption centres.

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