The Arab Sector

The Clore Foundation is committed to promoting co-existence between Jews and Arabs, and to support equal opportunities for Israel’s Arab population. To this end, the Foundation has assisted in several initiatives pertaining to co-existence, community, education, employment and women’s issues, in towns and villages from the Upper Galilee to the Negev. Some of the most significant contributions in this area are the Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Centre in Acre; the Yitzhak Rabin Sports Hall in Tuba-Zangriya; the Clore Children’s Library and Cultural Centre in Haifa; the Clore Neighbourhood Centre in Ein Hayam , Haifa; a Community Centre in Beit Safafa, Jerusalem; the Technical Studies Wing of the Abdallah Ibn El Hussein High School in East Jerusalem; the construction of the Clore Community Centre in the Juarish neighbourhood of Ramla; an early- childhood wing at the community centre in Jiser al Zarka; and most recently the Clore Multi-Purpose Community Centre in the Bedouin village of Kamaneh, Misgav. Other projects supported over the past decade include:

  • Job-search workshops for university graduates.
  • Vocational counseling for school pupils.
  • Scholarships for female Bedouin students.
  • Implementation of creativity curriculum in schools.
  • Holistic intervention in a school system.
  • Matriculation preparation and after-school programmes for Bedouin pupils.
  • After-school programmes for children at risk.
  • Summer camps.
  • Support for bi-lingual education.
  • Renovation of kindergartens.
  • Community buildings in Bedouin villages.
  • Empowerment of women and job-training for women.

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