About Clore Scholars

To date, some 271 students have received the award, and the Foundation is pleased to continue its association with these gifted scientists well beyond the period of the scholarship.  Most of the Clore Scholars choose to continue their career with a post-doc period in universities and institutions overseas, and then return to Israel. They are currently to be found in academic and research posts in Israeli universities, as well as in Israeli hi-tech companies throughout the country.

 Group photograph from the Clore Scholars Award Ceremony
Weizmann Institute, November 2017

From left to right:

Back row:
Mr. Itamar Hason, Tel Aviv University
Mr. Alon Simchovitz, Hebrew University
Adv. Ella Gera, Trustee, Clore Israel Foundation
Dr. Arabella Duffield, Trustee, Clore Israel Foundation
Ms. Shirlee Harel, Executive Director, Clore Israel Foundation
Ms. Kas Jacobs-Lerman, Clore Scholars Programme Coordinator

Middle row:
Ms. Tal Gilboa, The Technion
Ms. Maya Voichek, Weizmann Institute
Mr. Zohar Arnon, Tel Aviv University
Ms. Kay Weinberger, Trustee, Clore Israel Foundation
Mr. Dor Minzer, Tel Aviv University
Mr. Naftali Smith, Hebrew University

Front row:
Ms. Sondra Turjeman, Hebrew University
Ms. Ofri Karmon, Bar-Ilan University
Dame Vivien Duffield, Chair, Clore Israel Foundation
Prof. Yadin Dudai, Chair, Clore Scholar Programme
Ms. Vered Schwartz, Bar-Ilan University

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